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What does it look like?

urapunga storeUrapunga is located near the Wilton River. It is between the Roper River and Wilton River, becoming isolated in the 'Wet Season'. Urapunga used to be a working cattle station.
Urapunga has a local store (pictured).

Urapunga is a 'Prescribed Area', which means no alcohol is permitted to be brought in or consumed in the community.

snake rockNearest Police Station

The nearest Police Station is located at Ngukurr Community, approximately 21 km east of Urapunga.


There is a clinic at Urapunga; however health services are generally accessed via Ngukurr.

roper riverPopulation

Approximately 100 people live in Urapunga.

roper bar store






There is a community store in Urapunga. It stocks some fresh and pre-packaged foods. It also has general household items. There is also a store at Roper Bar, on the other side of the Roper River. The Roper Store has fuel and takeaway foods.

Things to do/ Places to gofishing on the bar

Fishing is a frequent past time for locals and tourists. Limmen National Park is also popular for camping and fishing. Both Roper and Wilton Rivers contain salt-water crocodiles. When site-seeing it is respectful to consult a traditional owner. There are some sacred places for men and women around the area.

Nearby in Ngukurr there is a recreational centre and a community swimming pool.