Teaching at


Yarralin School


In the late 1970s the first school was built in Yarralin Community. In September of 1999, the current school was built which was a great improvement from the previous 'Silver Bullets'.

Yarralin is also known as Walangeri Community. It is located approximately 380 km south-west of Katherine and 166 km west of Victoria River Downs Station.

Yarralin Community is surrounded by picturesque terrain. It is on the banks of the Wickham River and close to the Victoria and Humbert Rivers and the Gregory or Jitburra National Park.

The major language groups of Yarralin are Ngaringman, Gurindji, Bilinara and Mudburra.
The Ngarinman people are the traditional owners of the area but Gurindji, Bilinarra and Mudburra people also live in Yarralin.

There is also a crèche, mechanic's workshop, Women's Centre, Police Station, council office and a general store.